RV Comparison

Find the Perfect RV in Edmonton, AB

When it comes to recreational vehicles, there is definitely no shortage of options, so you may feel overwhelmed when trying to decide what to purchase. Trailblazer RV is here to help. The key to choosing the right option for you is to pick one that most closely matches your needs. Maybe you want an option that has all the bells, whistles, and extra amenities. Perhaps affordability is the most important feature to you. Or maybe you want one with plenty of space for your family. Our team specializes in RVs at our Edmonton, AB location. We are here to listen to your unique needs and help you find the best option to meet them. That’s why we’ve put together this short guide on each type of RV we offer. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Class A Motorhomes

Class A motorhomes are the largest type of RV, usually ranging in length from 20 to 40 feet. Due to their larger size, these vehicles offer plenty of living space and sleeping accommodations to make your trips comfortable. The extra beds, a larger kitchen, and a bathroom make Class A motorhomes the ideal choice for cross-country trips where you’ll be spending a lot of time inside the vehicle. Not to mention, these RVs are essentially a home on wheels, which will help you reduce road trip costs because you can eliminate the need for hotels.

Class B

If you’re looking for a compact vehicle, a Class B RV might be the right choice for you. A Class B motorhome is a much smaller option, as it is often built on the same type of chassis as a standard van. However, the vehicles have a higher roof to still allow for upright walking inside the vehicle. Though these motorhomes are significantly smaller, they still have all the basic necessities for overnight trips. Plus, the smaller size makes them easier to drive and navigate tight spaces.

Class C

If a Class A motorhome is too big for your liking and a class B seems too small, you’ll find the perfect compromise with a Class C motorhome. A Class C is a mid-size RV, sitting right between a Class A and Class B when it comes to size. Though these vehicles are smaller than Class A, they still offer many of the same amenities, including sleeping quarters, a compact kitchenette, and storage space. A Class C motorhome is truly the best of both worlds, combining the maneuverability of a small RV with all the amenities of a larger one.

Ultra Lite

If you’re looking for the most fuel-efficient and economical RV model, you may want to look into purchasing an ultra lite travel trailer. These lighter models are designed to weigh less, helping to reduce the fuel consumption of your tow vehicle. In addition, ultra lites are easier to pull and don’t require a heavy-duty vehicle. Instead, they can be towed by vans or SUVs. Even though these models are lighter, you won’t have to sacrifice size or amenities. Ultra lite trailers can still provide enough space to sleep several people and include all the features you’ll need for a comfortable trip.

Toy Haulers

Toy haulers are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who own other equipment they want to bring along on their camping excursions. This type of RV has all the same amenities as traditional models but has one additional feature – a special area to store your recreational toys as well as a ramp to load and unload them. Toy haulers make it possible for you to bring along your motorcycle, ATV, bicycles, and more. In many cases, the ramp of a toy hauler can then be used as an outdoor patio space.

Travel Trailers

For those who prefer to have a trailer RV instead of a drivable motorhome, a travel trailer may be the best option for you. These pull-behind trailers give you more flexibility when traveling, as you can park your trailer at the campsite, unhook it, and then use your tow vehicle for daily excursions away from the site. Not to mention, travel trailers require far less maintenance as you do not have to maintain an engine and all the complex mechanical parts that motorhomes have.

Fifth Wheels

A fifth wheel is a larger version of a travel trailer and is much heavier than standard models, requiring the need for a fifth wheel hitch. You must have a heavy-duty truck to haul a fifth wheel. These travel trailers can provide you with even more space, making your trips more comfortable if you have a family. In addition, the fifth wheel hitch provides added stability, which reduces trailer sway and improves the aerodynamics. Fifth wheels are an excellent option for people who plan to go on long road trips or want to live in their trailer for weeks at a time.

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Model

If you are struggling to find the perfect RV to match your needs or you feel overwhelmed by all the options, Trailblazer RV is here to help. Our team will take the time to listen to you and your needs and will assist you in finding the right option among our selection. Whether you want a small, compact RV or a large option with all the luxury features, we have what you need. Contact us today by giving us a call or stopping by our location in Edmonton.