Class C Motorhomes

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An RV is an investment that can take you anywhere, acting as a temporary home on wheels and providing you with countless hours of entertainment. If you want to start traveling without worrying about booking numerous hotel rooms, an RV is the perfect solution. Trailblazer RV offers a range of recreational vehicles, including Class C RVs at our Edmonton dealership. Our team of knowledgeable individuals can help you find the perfect vehicle to meet your needs. A Class C motorhome is the ideal mid-size vehicle to provide all the amenities you need without being overly large. Please reach out to us today for more information or stop by to see our selection of RVs.


What Is a Class C Motorhome?

A Class C motorhome is a perfect mid-size RV, sitting right between a Class A and Class B when it comes to size. Class C vehicles are built on existing truck or van chassis and are often between 20 and 30 feet in length. Due to their smaller size, Class C motorhomes are often called mini motorhomes. However, even with less space, they still over many of the same amenities as a standard motorhome, including ample sleeping quarters, a small kitchenette, and storage. They are the perfect option for those who want all the necessary items in a more compact space.


Combining the Best Features of Class A and Class B Vehicles

Class C motorhomes are really the best of both worlds. They combine all the top features of Class A and Class B vehicles into a single versatile vehicle and as such, are one of the most popular types of motorhome. You’ll still get many of the same amenities found in a Class A vehicle when you decide to purchase a Class C. However, these amenities will likely be on a smaller scale. There will be a sleeping space, a sitting or dining area, and a small kitchen. The best part is, you’ll get all these features in a compact vehicle, making it easier to drive, park, and maneuver in tight spaces. A Class C RV combines the luxuries of a Class A with the compactness of a Class B, allowing you to have amenities and convenience in one vehicle.


Class C vs. Class A Motorhome

Class C and Class A motorhomes are very comparable when it comes to amenities and features. The main difference between the two RVs is the size. Class A motorhomes are the largest type, with some models extending up to 40 feet, while Class Cs are slightly smaller, usually about 20 to 30 feet in length. Due to their difference in size, the interior space of a Class C is much smaller than that of a Class A. While your Class C motorhome will still have all the amenities you need, you won’t get quite as much space. For example, you’ll have limited kitchen counter space in a Class C vehicle. In addition, the bedroom space will likely not be a separate space, like it is in a Class A. However, there will still be room for a queen or king bed in a Class C motorhome.


Benefits of a Class C Motorhome

If you are currently trying to decide what type of motorhome will be best for your needs, it helps to look at the benefits of each option. If you only want to purchase one vehicle rather than a truck and travel trailer combo, a motorhome is the best option. With a motorhome, there is no need to buy an additional tow vehicle or worry about hooking up a trailer before every trip. You simply get in and drive. However, now you must decide what type of motorhome is best for you. A Class C RV is somewhat smaller, but smaller isn’t always a bad thing. You’ll enjoy many benefits with a Class C motorhome, including:

  • More sleeping capacity than a Class B vehicle with enough space for two or three people or potentially more depending on the layout
  • Easier to park and navigate tight spaces than a Class A vehicle due to its smaller size
  • Simpler to drive in inclement weather conditions
  • Sits closer to the ground than a Class A vehicle for easier entrance and exit into the interior space
  • Less interior living space that you must heat or cool if the weather outside is not ideal
  • A living area that is accessible while the vehicle is moving.


Perfect for All RV Lifestyles

There are many ways to utilize your RV. A recreational vehicle is great for both short and long-term excursions, whether you’re traveling 30 miles or across the country. A Class B motorhome will be suitable for any RV trip and is a perfect solution for any type of RV lifestyle you want to live. Whether you are a weekender, a snowbird, or a full-timer, a Class B RV can suit your needs. No matter how you plan to use your RV, one thing is for sure. You’ll have everything you need along for the ride. With a new RV, you’ll quickly learn how freeing a life on the road can be, even if it’s only for a few days at a time.


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