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Yes But... Can I Tow It?

One of the MOST important factors to consider in purchase of your next RV should be compatibility with your tow vehicle. While towing is as much about what the driver is comfortable with as what the vehicle can handle, overloading your tow vehicle can lead to premature wear and costly maintenance… not to mention safety issues. Every vehicle is given a “Trailer Towing Capacity” by the manufacturer but several other factors can also come into play. Speak to one of our sales people or certified RV technicians to confirm whether or not your vehicle is a good match to the RV you’ve chosen.

Trailer Life Magazine’s Comprehensive Towing Guide
The guide is sponsered by Ford but covers all makes and models.

Am I Allowed To...

Have you ever wondered how long your boat can be if you’re towing it behind your 5th wheel, whether or not your 2000 pound tent trailer requires electric brakes, or how to determine if you’re overweight on your back axle? Its all here in the “Government Of Alberta Towing Guide.” In addition to having the proper vehicle to tow your RV you should always be aware of the rules and regulations that govern the towing of RVs. Some of the regulations may vary by province so make sure to check the provincial government websites. Or just ask one of our salespeople!

Regulations may vary between provinces

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