Class B Motorhomes

We Have a Selection of Class B Campervans in Edmonton

If you’re more worried about easily getting from place to place and less concerned with space, a Class B RV could be the right option for you. Also known as campervans, a Class B vehicle is much smaller than a Class A or Class C, containing just the necessities. These smaller vehicles look and drive pretty much like a regular van, making them easier to drive and maneuver through parking lots and smaller spaces. Trailblazer RV can help you find the perfect campervan to make your adventures from park to park more fun and comfortable. Contact us today for more information or to see our selection of Class B vehicles.


What Is a Class B RV?

It’s a Campervan! A Class B RV is essentially a van, as it is typically built on a standard van chassis. The primary difference is that a Class B vehicle has a raised roof to allow for upright walking. Though these vehicles are much smaller than other RVs, they still offer all the necessities for sleeping and living in one compact space. Class B campervans have become increasingly popular for road trips and excursions as they can be customized to meet your unique needs and are easy to operate.


How Is a Class B Vehicle Different from Other RVs?

When it comes to how Class B vehicles compare to other RVs, the primary difference is size. Class B campervans are not nearly as long as other RV styles, like class A or Class C. Class A vehicles can stretch as long as 40 feet, while Class B RVs are usually around 18 feet. However, this doesn’t mean Class B campervans can’t still be cozy and comfortable. Many modern campervan designs have upped the creativity to find unique solutions that provide all the features and amenities you need in a very compact space. You’ll still be able to sleep comfortably, cook meals, and drive from location to location with no problem.


The Benefits of a Class B RV

If you’re looking for a compact vehicle that allows you to hit the open road while still providing sleeping space, a Class B RV could be the right choice for you. Visit all the sights with the convenience of bringing a bed and small kitchen along for the ride. A Class B RV makes road trips a breeze and makes vacationing more affordable as you won’t have to pay high hotel rental fees and can instead opt for smaller campground fees. A Class B vehicle offers many benefits to travelers, including:

  • Easier to Drive: Because they are the same size as a standard van, Class B RVs are much easier to drive than larger RVs. You can easily take them on the highway and smaller roadways and drive them just as you would any other vehicle.
  • Convenient Parking: When you have a Class A or Class C RV, you often require special parking, which can be hard to find at tourist attractions or populated cities. A Class B campervan can usually fit in a standard parking space, meaning you can drive in and park in a lot with other vehicles and do not have to find designated RV parking.
  • Better Gas Mileage: Due to their smaller size and lighter weight, campervans get much better gas mileage than their larger Class A and Class C counterparts. This helps you cut down on fuel costs and save you money on every trip.
  • More Affordable: If you’re on a budget, a campervan may be the best option for you. Purchasing a Class B vehicle often costs less than buying a Class A or Class C motorhome. Our team can help you find the right option to match your needs and budget.


Typical Features You Can Expect in a Class B Van

Though Class B RVs are much smaller than other options, they are still packed with plenty of amenities to make life on the road easier. Because of their smaller size, Class B vans usually only sleep two people but can be designed to sleep up to four if you prefer. While all campervans are somewhat unique due to customization, there are some common features that are typically included in a Class B vehicle. Some of the most popular features include:

  • Outdoor Awning: Many Class B RVs feature an outdoor awning that extends away from the van to help create more living space outside.
  • Murphy Bed or Convertible Sofa: Because space in a campervan is limited, many of them have a murphy bed or convertible sofa bed that expands for sleeping and can be put away to make extra sitting room.
  • Dinette or Galley Kitchen: There’s no space for a full kitchen in a Class B RV. Often there will be just a small area where you can prep food.
  • Small Stovetop: Even on the road, you still want a hot meal to enjoy. Most Class B vans will include a small two-burner stovetop where you can heat food.
  • Wet-Bath: While this isn’t included in every campervan, some owners like to have a wet-bath. This is a combination toilet/shower stall and provides the most efficient way to get clean in such a small space.


Find the Perfect Campervan for Your Adventures

Are you itching to hit the open road and enjoy everything Mother Nature has to offer? Trailblazer RV can help you achieve this dream with a brand-new campervan. Investing in a recreational vehicle will completely transform the way you vacation, allowing you to pick up and go whenever you want because there’s no need to make hotel reservations. With a campervan, you can literally take a bed, kitchen, and living space with you anywhere. Stop by and see us today to find a new campervan to meet your needs and start planning your adventures.