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Those who enjoy the outdoors are always looking for new ways to immerse themselves in nature and experience the world. A travel trailer can give you a way to do so by providing you some of the comforts of home while you’re surrounded by total wilderness. Trailblazer RV offers a range of travel trailers to customers in Edmonton, AB and the surrounding areas. We understand that every person will have different requirements when it comes to size, amenities, and features, and we’re able to help you find an option that will fit the needs of your family. Please reach out to us today for additional information or stop by our location to see our selection.


What Is a Travel Trailer?

A travel trailer is one of the most popular types of RV, though it is slightly different than some models. Unlike many other types of recreational vehicles that are able to drive on their own, a travel trailer must be pulled behind another vehicle. Due to this, a travel trailer may also be known as a pull-behind camper, bumper pull camper, or towable camper. These trailers attach to a tow vehicle using a hitch system and can then be towed anywhere. Once you have the trailer positioned in the location you want, you can then unhitch it and use the tow vehicle for trips to and from the camping site. This means you won’t have to pull the trailer every time you want to go on an excursion away from your site.


Features of a Travel Trailer

Most travel trailers are designed to include many of the same comforts you enjoy at home, just in a smaller space. Having all these comforts at your fingertips while on the road will prevent the need for expensive hotel stays, making vacations more affordable. Not to mention, you’ll be able to pull your trailer wherever you want and can wake up surrounded by nature instead of surrounded by tourists in a hotel. Our team will help you find a travel trailer that has all the features you need for a fun and enjoyable trip. Most travel trailers will include the following areas:

  • Kitchenette: You’ll have a small space where you can prepare and cook meals, so you won’t have to eat out while on the road. Most of these kitchenette spaces will also include a sink where you can wash dishes, get water for cooking, etc.
  • Dining/Living: Most travel trailers include a small sitting area where you can eat meals or relax after a long day outside. Some people choose to add a small TV to this space to provide entertainment for their kids.
  • Bathroom: When you’re at a campsite, you want to have as many modern amenities as you can to make your stay more comfortable. Most travel trailers include a small bathroom area with a toilet and sometimes a shower.
  • Bedroom: Depending on the size of the travel trailer, sometimes a separate bedroom area is included in the space. In smaller trailers, the living area may convert to sleeping quarters with a fold-out bed or convertible seating.


Types of Travel Trailers

There is no shortage of options when it comes to travel trailers, which means you’ll have plenty of different styles to choose from. The main difference in travel trailers is the size. While most travel trailers are usually around 20 feet long, there are shorter options as well as slightly longer options. In most cases, these trailers are about eight feet wide. This gives you plenty of space to sleep comfortably and relax during downtime. Our team will be able to show you the different sizes of trailers we have available and tell you more about the specific features of each. We’re here to help you find the right option to meet your needs.


Benefits of a Travel Trailer

Every type of RV will have its own unique benefits. You want to be sure you’re picking an option that provides you with all the features and benefits that are most important to you. For some people, cost is the primary factor in their decision. For others, it’s about finding the perfect balance between cost and comfortability. Travel trailers provide the best of both worlds, offering many modern conveniences and amenities at an affordable price. Our team will help you understand all the benefits of these RVs. Some of the best reasons to purchase a travel trailer include:

  • Cost: Travel trailers are one of the most affordable types of recreational vehicles. They are the perfect option if you are looking for a camping vehicle on a budget, as they are must less expensive than other options.
  • More Options: Travel trailers present many different options when it comes to size and shape. This means you’ll have more to choose from, which will help you find an option that will precisely fit your needs.
  • Greater Flexibility for Travel: Large RVs that you drive to and from every destination can significantly hinder your travel arrangements, as it acts as both your sleeping accommodations and primary source of transportation. A travel trailer provides greater flexibility because you can park the trailer and then use the tow vehicle for daily excursions.
  • Less Maintenance: Because travel trailers are pulled behind a vehicle, they require much less maintenance than drivable RVs. You won’t have to worry about servicing an engine or other mechanical components when you have a travel trailer.


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