Fifth Wheels

We Have a Large Selection of Fifth Wheels in Edmonton

When it comes to finding a recreational vehicle, you’ll have many options to choose from, especially if you shop at Trailblazer RV. We offer a range of RVs, from standard travel trailers and motorhomes to fifth wheels at our Edmonton-area dealership. Fifth wheels are an excellent option if you want ample space without the cost or additional requirements of a motorhome. Our team can help you find the right model to meet your needs and budget. Whether you’re looking for a brand-new vehicle or want a gently used model, we can help you find what you need, and we provide exclusive service when you need it. Contact us today or stop by our location for more information.


What Is a Fifth Wheel?

A fifth wheel is a type of RV trailer that is larger than standard options, requiring a fifth wheel hitch to tow it. These trailers are very heavy, which means you must have a heavy-duty truck to pull them. In addition, the unique hitch requires that the coupling be located in the bed of the truck. Though fifth wheel trailers may seem more complicated than traditional travel trailers, once you adapt to the difference in hitches, pulling a fifth wheel is not much different. Not to mention, they often provide extra interior space without increasing the combined length of the trailer and tow vehicle.


Advantages of a Fifth Wheel

If you’re looking to buy a new recreational vehicle for trips and outdoor adventures, you may be overwhelmed by the options available. Trailblazer RV will help you find the right option to meet your needs. Fifth wheels are a popular choice for families because of the extra space they provide. However, they also have many other advantages when compared to other options. Fifth wheels are a great choice because they offer:

  • Efficient Use of Space: With a fifth wheel, a significant portion of the RV sits over the truck bed towing it. This means you still get a lot of interior space while also reducing the overall length of the vehicle and trailer, allowing you to fit easier in certain campsites. The interior floorplans of a fifth wheel are endless, and you won’t have to worry about space to accommodate a driver and passenger seat like you would with a motorhome. Overall, a fifth wheel uses the space provided more efficiently than other options.
  • A Great Value: When compared to motorhomes, fifth wheels offer a greater overall value. A fifth wheel is similar in size to a motorhome and offers many of the same amenities, but with a much lower price tag. However, a fifth wheel will require a truck large enough to tow it. So, if you don’t already own a truck capable of towing a fifth wheel, you’ll need to factor in that cost as well.
  • Stability when Towing: Fifth wheels are more stable during towing than standard travel trailers. When you choose a fifth wheel, you’ll experience less risk of trailer sway and improved aerodynamics. The hitch of a fifth wheel better distributes the weight of the trailer, helping it tow better.
  • Easy Unhooking: Once you settle in at the campground, you may want to explore the local area. Fifth wheels allow for easy unhooking, so you can leave the trailer behind at the campground and take your vehicle out to the store, restaurants, and other destinations.


How Do I Know If a Fifth Wheel Is Right for Me?

It can be difficult to know what RV option is the right fit for your lifestyle. There are many factors to consider before choosing to purchase a new vehicle, and our team will help you navigate the decision-making process. A fifth wheel trailer may be the right option for you if you’re planning to go on long-term trips or live in your RV for weeks at a time. The extra space provided by a fifth wheel will make long-term living more comfortable, especially if you have a family. On the other hand, a fifth wheel may not be the best option for you if you don’t have a truck large enough to pull one or don’t want to purchase a truck of this size. A fifth wheel trailer will usually require at least a three-quarter-ton truck for safe pulling and travel.


Towing a Fifth Wheel

Towing a fifth wheel trailer is a bit more complicated than pulling other types of travel trailers. Due to the extra size and weight of a fifth wheel, it must be connected to a special bed-mounted hitch. This hitch and its placement will provide the extra stability needed for a trailer of this size. While some half-ton trucks may technically be able to haul the weight of a fifth wheel trailer, it’s best to invest in at least a three-quarter-ton or one-ton truck to do this job. This will ensure you have enough weight to stabilize the trailer when you pull it. You also want to ensure you have a truck with a long truck bed. An eight-foot bed is the longest option available and provides the best option for hauling fifth-wheel trailers. A bed of this length will ensure there is enough room for the hitch and for the trailer to pivot during turns.


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